IGF1-Rx Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1
Anabolic Muscle Growth with IGF-1
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IGF1-RX™ available in retail stores?

No, not at this time. Currently, our product is only available online through this web site. While we have been contacted by several retail chains wanting to carry our product, we have not agreed to any such arrangements. However, please note that ordering from this web site is fast, easy and secure and we offer quantity discounts, multiple payment options and free shipping worldwide on all total orders of 5 bottles or more.

Can women use IGF1-RX™?

Yes, absolutely. IGF-1 is just as important for women as it is in men. And there are no side effects for either men or women.

How does IGF1-RX™ compare to other IGF-1 sprays or pills? What makes IGF1-RX™ better?

Unlike other IGF-1 products, IGF1-RX™ is much more than just your ordinary IGF-1 product. Besides delivering the maximum recommended amount of IGF-1 in each dosage, IGF1-RX™ is also a complete ZMA supplement and a complete testosterone boosting supplement - all in one. Not only that, IGF1-RX™ is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, making IGF1-RX™ the most effective and complete all-natural anabolic muscle enhancement supplement available anywhere.

Can IGF1-RX™ be "stacked" with other body-building or muscle enhancement products?

Yes, IGF1-RX™ can be used with most over-the-counter muscle-building supplements. For athletes and weight lifters, this product is very effective when stacked with
GHR1000 and Z-tropin , yielding superior performance results.

Can the capsules be opened and mixed with a drink?

Yes, they may. This will not alter the effectiveness of the product in any way. If you have difficulty swallowing capusles or do not wish to swallow the capsule itself, you can still take Testosterone-Rx® simply by opening the capsules and emptying the contents into a drink, such as water.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! Please click here to learn more about our total satisfaction guarantee.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit will be discreetly billed as "Austin Research Institute" or "PAYPAL AUSTINRESEA". This way, no one will ever know what you have ordered.

Is shipping discreet?

Of course. Your order will be securely and discreetly packaged in a plain package. For your privacy, nothing will be written on the package that identifies the contents in any manner.

Do I have to pay any sales tax?

No, you will not be asked or required to pay any sales tax on your order unless you live in Maryland. Maryland residents must pay 6% sales tax.

Is shipping free?

It depends. We offer free worldwide shipping with any single purchase of 5 bottles or more (limited time offer). For purchases of 3 bottles or less, a modest shipping and handling charge will be applied.

Can you ship to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes?

Yes, we can ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can you ship to APO/FPO military addresses?

Yes, we can ship to any APO or FPO address.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to most English-speaking countries in the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few. If you are unsure whether or not we can ship to your country, please contact us before placing your order and we can tell you.


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